Analog Wall Clock- 46.5 cm X 30 cm (Brown)

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Analog clocks usually use a clock face which indicates time using rotating pointers called "hands" on a fixed numbered dial or dials. The standard clock face, known universally throughout the world, has a short "hour hand" which indicates the hour on a circular dial of 12 hours, making two revolutions per day, and a longer "minute hand" which indicates the minutes in the current hour on the same dial, which is also divided into 60 minutes. It may also have a "second hand" which indicates the seconds in the current minute. The only other widely used clock face today is the 24 hour analog dial, because of the use of 24 hour time in military organizations and timetables.


  • Luxury Clock:Yes
  • Power Source:Battery Powered
  • Battery:2 2 AA Batteries
  • Dial Color:Multicolor
  • Dial Material:Glass
  • Case Bezel Material:Plastic
  • Hour Markers:English Numerals
  • Number of Hands:3
  • Weight:700 g
  • Other Features:Pendulum
  • Number of Batteries:2

Wall clocks are more than just time-showing device, they are also a beautiful wall decor product. Built in the traditional style, this beautifully crafted clock is 1 of the design in thrilling and sensational wall clock range. This sturdy and durable wall clock can be a perfect fit for your living room, bedroom or kitchen. It can also be perfect gift for your colleagues and family friends during marriages and house warming ceremonies. This clock is made up of material and will definitely give royal look to your home/office decor, sure to be admired by your guests. Suggest a change

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